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Have You Seen This?: Zion Williamson dunks in couple's gender reveal video

Xoel Cardenas,  |  Posted Apr 18th - 3:00pm

So what’s a new and fun way to announce the gender of your baby? How about getting the projected No. 1 pick in the upcoming NBA Draft to help via a slam dunk, of course.

Customer threw iguana at restaurant manager, police say

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 17th - 4:35am

Authorities say a customer at an Ohio restaurant pulled out a turquoise iguana from under his shirt, swung it around and threw it at the manager.

Eastern hellbender voted Pennsylvania's official amphibian

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 16th - 1:50pm

Pennsylvania is getting an official amphibian, a nocturnal, unsightly salamander that's sometimes known as a snot otter, lasagna lizard or mud devil.

Thai oil rig workers rescue dog swimming 135 miles offshore

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 16th - 4:34am

A dog found swimming more than 220 kilometers (135 miles) from shore by workers on an oil rig crew in the Gulf of Thailand has been returned safely to land.

100-year-old yoga instructor keeps moving, dancing

Ted Shaffrey and Verena Dobnik, Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 15th - 6:34am

A 100-year-old yoga instructor has no plans to stop practicing and teaching.

Colorado TV tech charged after giving customer 'bear hug'

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 19th - 12:18pm

A Colorado television technician is facing felony charges for allegedly hugging a customer tightly.

Road crew misspells 'school' in school crossing

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 19th - 11:31am

A road crew in Florida should get an "F'' for spelling.

Police: Man returns home, finds naked stranger on couch

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 19th - 10:29am

Police say a Tennessee man returned home to find a naked stranger sitting on his couch drinking juice.

Grease is the way we are stealing in northern Virginia

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 19th - 9:59am

Police say a central Virginia man made off with a whopper of a haul from Burger King: hundreds of gallons of used cooking grease.

Sheriff's officer corrals donkey on interstate near Chicago

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 19th - 4:46am

It wasn't a routine day for a sheriff's officer after she spotted a donkey meandering along Interstate 90 near Chicago.

Deputies look for naked burglar who stole from Little League

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 18th - 9:50am

Authorities in Florida are asking for the public's help in tracking down a man who they say burglarized a Little League concession stand wearing nothing more than a ballcap and gloves.

Authorities: Man sleeping in dumpster ends up in trash truck

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 18th - 6:48am

Authorities say a man sleeping in a dumpster was tossed into the back of a garbage truck as the trash was being emptied, causing him to lose his prosthetic leg.

Connecticut police solve decapitated chicken mystery

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 16th - 6:35am

Police have captured a man they say has been leaving decapitated chickens outside a Connecticut home.

Firefighters rescue ducklings from drain in San Diego area

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 15th - 10:50am

Firefighters in Southern California have rescued 13 ducklings from a storm drain.

Man sues parents for getting rid of his vast porn collection

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 14th - 1:38pm

An Indiana man is suing his parents for getting rid of his vast pornography collection, which he estimates is worth $29,000.

Police: Pair made laxative cookies for striking workers

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 12th - 9:14am

Police say a couple made laxative-laced cookies for striking school employees because they were tired of the noise from the picket line near their home.

Mysterious bowls of mashed potatoes confuse Mississippians

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 12th - 7:27am

Residents of a neighborhood in Jackson, Mississippi, are confused by the bowls of mashed potatoes they're finding on their cars, porches and mailboxes.

German police: Shiny gold Porsche a danger to other drivers

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 12th - 7:19am

German authorities have ordered a blinged-out golden Porsche off the road for being too shiny.

Metal rod falls from truck, narrowly misses Miami driver

The Associated Press  |  Posted Apr 12th - 5:46am

A metal rod fell from a pickup truck and broke through the windshield of an SUV, narrowly missing the driver on a Florida expressway.