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Jason Lyle Black, YouTube

Have You Seen This? 3 Utah teens with Down syndrome slay 'Moana' song

By Angie Treasure, Contributor  |  Posted Oct 11th, 2017 @ 1:37pm



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SALT LAKE CITY — A local YouTuber is spreading more goodness in the community with his latest piano video.

Jason Lyle Black — who’s been featured on for his adorable grandparents’ “Up” piano duet and a geeky SLC Comic Con original number — is back with a special video for Down Syndrome Awareness Month and three Utah teens are the stars.

The heartwarming clip features Salt Lake City area girls Cambria Lewis, Joby Austin and Kiley Price. Cambria and Joby take piano lessons, according to Black’s website, and Kiley learned the skill in order to play the world’s sweetest rendition of “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s “Moana.” The girls laugh and show off their musical talents in a video that’s truly worth sharing.

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The three teenagers’ mothers (featured in an accompanying video) met when their daughters were small in a local early intervention program and quickly found a loving support system.

“When I look at Cami, I don’t see Down syndrome,” Celeste Lewis said in the video. “I see a wonderful daughter who has every ability and every characteristic and personality that any person has and it’s just who she is.”

“It’s been a gift,” echoed Jill Austin, Joby’s mother who is also the executive director of the United Angels Foundation. “It’s a gift I never knew I wanted.”

According to the National Down Syndrome Society website, Down Syndrome Awareness Month isn’t “about celebrating disabilities, it’s about celebrating abilities,” and the girls’ talent and Black’s video demonstrate that beautifully.

And as Black said to close his video: “If you don’t put limits on yourselves, there’s no telling how far you’ll go.”

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About the Author: Angie Treasure

Angie Treasure is the former Audience Development Manager and Entertainment editor. She loves to write, binge on Netflix content and go to Jazz games. Follow her on twitter: @snark_tank.

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