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Midvale sex offender poses 'extreme risk' to public, agency says

By Pat Reavy  |  Posted Apr 19th, 2017 @ 6:28pm

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SALT LAKE CITY — A Midvale man who was convicted of impregnating a 13-year-old girl while injecting her with heroin is back in jail accused of doing heroin again and hanging out with underage girls.

Victor Steven Robinson, 27, was originally charged in 2013 with three counts of rape of a child and three counts of child endangerment. He pleaded guilty later that year to reduced charges: two counts of attempted aggravated sexual abuse of a child and endangerment of a child.

In that case, Robinson impregnated a 13-year-old girl he met on Facebook. "Robinson injected her with heroin on multiple occasions, including all of the times he had sex with her," according to a police report.

Robinson received a suspended term of three years to life in prison and instead was ordered to serve one year in jail and three years of probation.

He was released from jail in July of 2014, according to court documents. But he violated the terms of his probation almost immediately — including visiting "approximately 108 different sexually explicit videos/websites" in seven days, according to a report from Adult Probation and Parole agents filed in 3rd District Court.

For that, his probation was revoked and a new three-year probation term began in August of 2014.

On Tuesday, Robinson was booked into jail again for a suspected probation violation and because parole agents believe his continued actions make him a "high risk" to public safety, court records state.

On April 6, Robinson failed a drug test and later admitted to agents that he had injected heroin at least four times in the past month, according to court documents.

"Mr. Robinson's heroin use is extremely concerning to Adult Probation and Parole, especially given Mr. Robinson's drug use played a direct role in his original offense," agents wrote.


Robinson also missed a mandatory sex offender treatment session in April, court records state. Because of his continued "deception and dishonesty" with agents and his therapist, Adult Probation and Parole originally ordered that Robinson submit to a polygraph test on Monday.

"However, given Mr. Robinson's drug use, Adult Probation and Parole believes Mr. Robinson's risk to public safety outweighs any benefits of the information possibly gained by allowing him to complete the polygraph as scheduled," according to court records filed on April 7.

Because of that, an arrest warrant was issued for Robinson on April 13.

Robinson is also currently involved in what agents called a "high-risk relationship" with an 18-year-old girl who is still in high school, according to court records. The two met through an online dating site.

"Whether or not (the girl) was 18 years old at the time Mr. Robinson initiated his relationship with her cannot be determined at this time," court records state.

Robinson and the girl initially tried to hide their relationship from probation officers and from the girl's parents, according to court documents. The two have also allegedly gone on group dates with other people, some of them underage teens. This is a violation of his probation because Robinson never got the dates pre-approved or informed his probation officer, court documents state.

The agency noted in its report that this is Robinson's third "significant violation" since being placed on probation and that "his behavior creates an extreme risk to public safety," court records state.

A new court hearing was scheduled for April 25.


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