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Alaska man discovers message in bottle from Russian Navy

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 18th - 11:20am

A man discovered a 50-year-old letter in a bottle from the Russian Navy on the shores of western Alaska.

Doggy Con: a pop culture convention for furry fanatics

Andrea Smith, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 17th - 6:07pm

Atlanta's scorching August heat didn't stop Megan Nelson from slipping on a long faux fur coat and dressing up like Cruella de Vil for her first Doggy Con convention, a pet event for costumed canines inspired by the upcoming Dragon Con convention.

South Dakota woman thought she had kidney stones, gave birth to triplets

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 17th - 2:59pm

A South Dakota woman who recently gave birth to triplets says she didn't find out about her pregnancy until she went to the hospital with what she thought were kidney stones.

Bidders vie for Obama's high school basketball jersey

Jennifer Sinco Kelleher, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 11:03am

Bidding was drawing to a close Friday for a basketball jersey believed to have been worn by President Barack Obama.

8 out of 10 people have cried at work, so just know you're not alone

Aj Willingham, CNN  |  Posted Aug 16th - 9:48am

According to a new study from job search company Monster, 8 out of 10 people have cried at work, which means the other two are either lying or wait to have their existential crises in the parking lot.

CORRECTIVE: Mario Cuomo Bridge story

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 15th - 3:14pm

In a story Aug. 15, The Associated Press, relying on information from state officials, erroneously reported which New York agencies were involved in fixing signs for the Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge to add the governor's middle initial. State officials now say only the Thruway Authority has been doing work to add the initial, not the Department of Transportation, which changed signs for other reasons.

Robotic tail for humans was inspired by seahorses

Jessie Yeung, CNN  |  Posted Aug 15th - 1:40pm

If you're prone to tripping or losing balance, then researchers in Japan may have an unusual solution: a robotic tail.

Trooper finds parked driver playing Pokemon Go on 8 phones

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 15th - 10:27am

A Washington state trooper who pulled over to help what he thought was a disabled vehicle found something else instead: The driver had eight phones simultaneously playing the video game Pokemon Go.

Man dies after competing in California taco-eating contest

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 15th - 6:20am

A man died shortly after competing in a taco-eating contest at a minor league baseball game in California, authorities said Wednesday.

Bear breaks into house, smashes through the wall to escape police

Rob Picheta, CNN  |  Posted Aug 12th - 8:00pm

A hungry bear that broke into a Colorado home at night made a daring escape from the cops, smashing a hole in the wall to force his way out of the building.

Delaware fire kills about 60 pet snakes kept throughout home

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 11th - 6:35pm

A fire department official says dozens of pet snakes died when a blaze ripped through a home in Delaware.

Ohio officials say more crocodiles unlikely after 1 found

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 1:59pm

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources says it's unlikely there are any other crocodiles in a western Ohio creek where one was captured this week.

Florida vacation home invaded by vomiting vultures

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 12:20pm

A New York couple's luxurious vacation house in Florida has been taken over by dozens of black vultures that are vomiting and defecating everywhere.

Sheriff: Trio of thieves thwarted by misleading gas jug

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 9:11am

Authorities in Kentucky say three thieves thought they were stealing gasoline from a property for their broken down car until the car stopped working again.

Officers stake out 2 airports, nab accused turtle trafficker

Jeff Martin, Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 16th - 2:27am

An investigation involving two of the world's biggest airports and hundreds of turtles has led to federal charges that a man illegally shipped the reptiles to China.

Grasshoppers came to Vegas but didn't stay in Vegas

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 15th - 3:02pm

A migration of mild-mannered grasshoppers has left Nevada, but the swarm could return in a few years, a report said.

Shark takes bite out of teen's surf board off Hawaii

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 15th - 12:17pm

A teen surfing off the Hawaii island of Oahu escaped a shark encounter uninjured, but his board didn't.

Raccoon freed after being trapped in vending machine

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 15th - 10:29am

Police say a raccoon trapped in a vending machine at a Florida high school is now free.

50 old TVs mysteriously appear on neighborhood's porches

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 13th - 12:25pm

Police in Virginia say more than 50 television sets have been mysteriously placed on front porches in a neighborhood outside Richmond.

Angry wasps help German police nab fleeing fugitive

The Associated Press  |  Posted Aug 12th - 6:26am

A fugitive in Germany has been nabbed thanks to the help of angry wasps.