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Have You Seen This? Mom tries to flick frog off son's arm — and makes things much worse

Xoel Cardenas,  |  Posted May 22nd - 3:37pm

Reptiles like lizards and snakes can be a bit frightening for kids. Amphibians like frogs can do be scary as well. For one little boy on a slide, his utter shock when a frog is on his arm sends the tears flowing — and mom tries to help. Keyword: tries.

Van passenger impaled by tripod on California freeway

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 19th - 11:12am

Authorities say somebody stole a tripod from a California Department of Transportation crew and then dropped it from an overpass onto a Sacramento freeway, impaling the lung of a passenger in a van.

Grumpy Cat, who entertained millions online, dies at age 7

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 17th - 7:03am

Grumpy Cat, whose sourpuss expression entertained millions on the internet and spawned hundreds of memes, national television commercials and even a movie, died at age 7.

NYPD used Woody Harrelson photo to find lookalike beer thief

Michael R. Sisak, Associated Press  |  Posted May 16th - 3:16pm

The New York Police Department used a photo of Woody Harrelson in its facial recognition program in an attempt to identify a beer thief who looked like the actor, according to a report published Thursday.

Retrial planned for man who broke $4.5M statue's thumb

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 16th - 12:14pm

Federal prosecutors plan to retry a Delaware man who admitted he broke a thumb off a $4.5 million statue at a Philadelphia museum.

Police: Man drove drunk to pick up woman charged with DWI

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 24th - 10:57am

Authorities say a man drove drunk to a New Jersey police station where he was picking up a woman who had been charged with drunken driving.

Police: Mystery man pulling emergency brakes on subways

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 23rd - 5:10pm

New York City police have been searching for a person who has been intentionally pulling the emergency brakes on subway cars for no legitimate purpose.

Someone breaks into home, takes nothing, gives it good scrub

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 23rd - 12:27pm

Whoever broke into a Massachusetts man's home last week didn't take a thing. They did, however, leave the house spotless.

Homeless Tennessee student graduates as valedictorian

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 23rd - 7:31am

A homeless Tennessee student has graduated as his high school's valedictorian and was offered dozens of scholarships totaling $3 million.

Fugitive says he'll surrender if people like wanted poster

Pat Eaton-Robb, Associated Press  |  Posted May 22nd - 2:13pm

A Connecticut police department has reached a deal with a fugitive that would have him surrender if enough people respond to a wanted poster on social media, an agreement that at least one expert calls unethical.

Zoo euthanizes flamingo hit by rock thrown by child

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 22nd - 5:55am

Officials at a zoo in Illinois had to euthanize a flamingo after it was struck by a rock thrown by a child.

Woman who had hot wax dropped in her eye settles for $400K

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 21st - 1:54pm

A Connecticut woman who got hot wax dropped in her eye at beauty spa has settled a lawsuit against the now-closed business for $400,000.

Parents forget newborn baby in Hamburg taxi

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 20th - 9:31am

New parents got the fright of their lives in Germany after accidentally forgetting their newborn in the taxi taking them home from hospital.

Man sorry he urinated on memorial to boy who died of cancer

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 20th - 6:36am

A man caught on video while urinating on a park memorial marker that honors a 9-year-old boy who died of brain cancer says he made "a huge mistake" and wants to apologize to the boy's family.

Former Disney employee accused of stealing parks' costumes

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 18th - 3:00pm

A former Walt Disney World employee with backstage access stole about $14,000 worth of costumes and items from the Magic Kingdom and Epcot theme parks, authorities said Friday.

Thief must pay $28K to fix stolen 'Dukes of Hazzard' Sno-Cat

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 17th - 11:37am

A Colorado man has been ordered to pay more than $28,000 to cover damages after he pleaded guilty to stealing a Sno-Cat painted to look like the "General Lee" car featured in the TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard."

Coin toss settles rare Philippine election tie

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 17th - 7:14am

Philippine election officials settled a rare tie in a mayoral race on Friday by tossing a coin.

Authorities: Woman unhappy about birthday attacks boyfriend

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 17th - 6:10am

A western Pennsylvania woman allegedly attacked her boyfriend with a box cutter because no one got her a card, cake or gift on her 55th birthday.

My kind of mix-up: $5,760 bottle of wine served by mistake

The Associated Press  |  Posted May 16th - 2:31pm

A British restaurant has given some customers an unexpected treat, accidentally serving them a 4,500-pound ($5,760) bottle of red wine.