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London subway riders treated after gas is sprayed on train

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 3:14pm

British police are searching for two young men suspected of releasing an irritating gas on a London subway train.

Israel disperse anti-demolition protesters in West Bank

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 12:39pm

Israeli forces have dispersed several dozen Palestinians protesting the planned demolitions of homes in an east Jerusalem village.

North Macedonia: Migrants hurt after driver jumps from truck

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 12:35pm

Police in North Macedonia say 34 Afghan migrants have been injured in a highway accident after the driver of a truck allegedly carrying them north toward Serbia jumped from the running vehicle while trying to escape a police patrol.

Italy: Missile discovered in hangar leads to more weapons

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 12:22pm

Police say they have found more weapons in northern Italy following the discovery of an air-to-air missile and other arms days earlier.

Suspect in shooting of Turkish diplomat arrested

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 11:33am

Kurdish security officials say they have arrested the lead suspect in the shooting of a Turkish diplomat in Iraq's semi-autonomous region.

Vatican college space holds bones of dozens, expert says

Frances D'Emilio, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 7:54am

A genetics expert retained by the family of a girl who went missing in 1983 said Saturday that a cavernous underground space near a Vatican cemetery holds thousands of bones that appear to be from dozens of individuals, both "adult and non-adult."

Iraqi forces launch anti-IS operation north of Baghdad

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 7:50am

Iraq's military said Saturday its troops in partnership with security agencies and paramilitary forces launched the second phase of an operation aimed at clearing remnants of the Islamic State group from north of Baghdad and surrounding areas.

Women, children among 10 dead in airstrikes in Afghanistan

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 7:22am

Afghan officials say at least 10 civilians have been killed in separate airstrikes by Afghan security forces in western Badghis province.

Hifter calls on youth to help with battle for Tripoli

Noha Elhennawy, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 6:25am

The commander of the self-styled Libyan National Army has called on young people in Tripoli to join its offensive to capture the capital from the U.N.- backed government based there amid warnings from the international community of military escalation and targeting of civilians.

Ahead of vote, Ukrainian museum shows 'election trash'

Yuras Karmanau, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 6:23am

A Darth Vader costume, playground equipment, pastries and boxes of food all are part of an exhibit at Ukraine's National History Museum displaying the colorful behavior and sometime-questionable practices that characterize the country's elections.

Sheila Dikshit, Delhi's longest-serving chief minister, dies

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 5:51am

Veteran Indian politician Sheila Dikshit, New Delhi's longest-serving chief minister, died on Saturday after a prolonged illness. She was 81.

Milan magistrate Borrelli, led '90s kickback probes, dies

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 4:38am

Francesco Saverio Borrelli, who as Milan chief prosecutor led the 1990s corruption probes which toppled Italy's long-ruling political class, has died. He was 89.

Spain's Socialists 'convinced' new government deal is near

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 4:12am

The No. 2 in Spain's Socialist Party says she is optimistic caretaker Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez will strike a last-minute deal with the far-left United We Can party to form a coalition government before next week's confidence vote.

Serbia's president says Kosovo PM's resignation is a 'trick'

Jovana Gec, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 3:48am

The surprise decision by Kosovo's prime minister to step down over a call for questioning from a Hague-based court has been slammed as a "political trick" by Serbia's president.

War-weakened South Sudan tries to prepare for Ebola

Sam Mednick, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 3:38am

With the deadly Ebola outbreak in Congo now an international emergency , neighboring South Sudan and its war-weakened health system is a major concern, especially after one case was confirmed near its border. Health experts say there is an urgent need to increase prevention efforts.

Hong Kong police seize explosives ahead of weekend protests

The Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 3:38am

Police in Hong Kong discovered a stash of a powerful homemade explosive as the semi-autonomous Chinese city readied for another major pro-democracy protest on Sunday.

Germany marks 75th anniversary of plot to kill Hitler

David Rising, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 2:30am

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged Europeans to confront populism, nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism as she paid tribute to the Nazi resistance in her own country.

Pakistan's northwest tribal areas hold 1st local polls

Riaz Khan, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 1:34am

Pakistan's northwestern tribal areas held their first-ever provincial elections Saturday, in a region on the Afghan border that was once a stronghold for the Taliban, al-Qaida and other militant groups.

Monsoon flooding death toll climbs to 164 in South Asia

Wasbir Hussain and Anupam Nath, Associated Press  |  Posted Jul 20th - 1:18am

The death toll in monsoon flooding in South Asia has climbed past 160 as millions of people and animals continue to face the brunt in three countries, officials said Saturday.