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Syrian refugee detained in Greece on terror charge

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 20th - 2:35am

Police in northern Greece say a 32-year-old Syrian refugee has been arrested on terrorism-related charges following a review of his asylum application.

The Latest: Russia says US travel warning proves its point

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 20th - 2:25am

The Latest on developments in Syria (all times local):

US-backed Syrian force expected to declare victory in Raqqa

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 20th - 1:55am

A U.S.-backed Syrian force is expected to declare victory in the northern city of Raqqa days after it said it cleared it from members of the Islamic State group.

Australian state takes step toward legalizing euthanasia

Rod McGuirk, Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 20th - 1:33am

An Australian state took a step toward allowing voluntary euthanasia on Friday, 20 years after the country repealed the world's first mercy killing law.

Viral smartphone game lets ordinary Chinese 'clap' for Xi

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 20th - 1:29am

Ordinary young Chinese may not have paid close attention to Xi Jinping's 3 ½-hour speech this week, but they're happy to "applaud" the president in the newest viral phenomenon to sweep China's internet.

$50,000 payments help grieving Gaza families end blood feuds

Fares Akram, Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 20th - 1:27am

As the rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas move to reconcile, families of loved ones killed in Gaza's civil war a decade ago are also learning to get along.

Building collapse kills 8 in southern India

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 20th - 12:18am

Police say a building housing a state-run bus operator has collapsed in southern India, killing eight bus drivers and staff.

Pakistani court indicts ex-PM Sharif in 3rd corruption case

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 20th - 12:15am

A Pakistani court has indicted former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in a third case of corruption after an official probe concluded he concealed assets abroad.

UNICEF: Rohingya children refugees face 'hell on earth'

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 11:27pm

UNICEF says the children who make up most of the nearly 600,000 Rohingya Muslims who have fled violence in Myanmar are seeing a "hell on earth" in overcrowded, muddy and squalid refugee camps in neighboring Bangladesh.

Bangkok returns to mourning colors, but what of the future?

Ted Anthony, Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 10:57pm

Tucked in his cramped clothing stall in an enormous Thai mall, Pirumchai Asiram sits on a plastic chair flanked by two worlds — bright, vibrantly colored shirts and dresses to his right, neat stacks of somber apparel in blacks and whites to his left. Ask him which sells better, and he'll smile.

Make China Great Again! Xi leads China into muscular new era

Christopher Bodeen, Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 10:35pm

In this summer's "Wolf Warrior II," Chinese action star Wu Jing portrays a tough super-patriot who rescues both fellow countrymen and oppressed Africans with help from the People's Liberation Army.

Russian ships visit, deliver military arms in Philippines

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 10:32pm

Three Russian navy ships arrived in the Philippines on Friday and two others are coming to deliver donated military equipment in the country's third naval visit under President Rodrigo Duterte, who has vowed to diversify the country's ties away from the United States and toward China and Russia.

What Puerto Rico is doing to get the power back after storm

Ben Fox, Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 10:07pm

Electrical linemen descend from helicopters, balancing on steel girders 90 feet high on transmission towers in the mountains of central Puerto Rico, far from any road. At the same time, crews fan out across the battered island, erecting light poles and power lines in a block by block slog.

Australia dismisses North Korea letter as rant against Trump

Rod McGuirk, Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 10:00pm

Australia's prime minister on Friday dismissed an extraordinary letter from North Korea to the Australian Parliament and other countries as a "rant" against President Donald Trump and a sign that Pyongyang was "starting to feel the squeeze" of escalated sanctions.

East Timor government suffers defeat in parliamentary vote

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 9:52pm

East Timor's new government suffered a defeat in parliament when a coalition of opposition parties vetoed its policy program.

Propaganda in China means heavily scripted news conferences

Gerry Shih, Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 7:11pm

The TV cameras are rolling, the bright lights are on and the reporters are readying their notebooks.

AP PHOTOS: Indians mark Diwali amid pollution concerns

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 7:03pm

Diwali, a major Hindu festival for more than a billion Indians, includes lighting oil lamps or candles to symbolize a victory of knowledge over ignorance, light over darkness and good over evil. People visit friends' homes and exchange gifts.

Venezuela opposition claims evidence of tampered vote count

Jorge Rueda, Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 6:31pm

Venezuela's opposition presented evidence Thursday of possible ballot tampering in gubernatorial elections, seeking to bolster its claim that its shock loss at the polls was the result of fraud.

Iraqi court issues arrest warrant for Kurdish vice president

Balint Szlanko and Philip Issa, Associated Press  |  Posted   Oct 19th - 6:21pm

A Baghdad court issued an arrest warrant for the vice president of Iraq's autonomous northern Kurdish region on Thursday for saying that Iraqi forces had "occupied" the disputed province of Kirkuk this week.