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9 deals on fall activities (15% off Comic Con tickets and more!)

KSL Deals  |  Posted   Sep 20th - 9:00pm

Autumn has arrived, and we’ve got some spooky activities for the entire family — at spooky good prices.

What to do if your car is damaged on bad Utah roads

Robert J. DeBry and Associates  |  Posted   Sep 20th - 3:00pm

It can be confusing to know what to do if your car is damaged, in general, but what if no person was at fault, it was the road the caused the accident?

10 costs you haven’t factored into your homebuying budget

Giant Carpet One Floor & Home  |  Posted   Sep 20th - 8:00am

So you’ve saved a robust down payment and think you’re ready to make the leap from renter to homeowner. Have you considered these costs into your homebuying budget?

Solar is now: 3 reasons why 2017 is the year for solar

KSL Classifieds  |  Posted   Sep 19th - 8:16am

You might have heard about the new solar deadline of November 15th to sign up for solar. Today we sat down with Kelly Curtis with Solaroo Energy to discuss the benefits of signing up for solar before this upcoming deadline.

5 ways to protect yourself when buying a car

Robert J. DeBry and Associates  |  Posted   Sep 18th - 9:00pm

While there are many dealerships, salespeople and even private party sellers who are reputable, there are some who are little more than land-based pirates. The following tips can help tilt the odds next time you are ready to shop for a car.

Software QA: Your dream tech job you've never heard of

Devmountain  |  Posted   Sep 18th - 3:00pm

Four out of the last five years, software quality assurance (QA) professionals have landed in the top ten happiest careers in the nation. At first blush, that claim may sound outlandish, but people getting paid to break things indeed have one of the highest job satisfactions.

Helpful tips for dealing with suicide loss

Intermountain Live Well  |  Posted   Sep 18th - 8:00am

The days, weeks, and even months after losing a loved one often come with countless questions and even more difficult feelings. Though nothing will provide you with full and immediate relief, here are some suggestions on where to turn next.

Weekend tech deals: $200 to $300 off the Galaxy S8 + free VR headset, $20 adjustable pot & pan organizer, and more

Techbargains  |  Posted   Sep 16th - 8:00am

Act fast as stock is limited and these discounts will not last.

What are Utahns’ favorite local businesses? Your turn to choose.

KSL Classifieds  |  Posted   Sep 15th - 9:00pm

Does your painter take the pain out of painting? Was your wedding photographer so good you’re hiring her again for your second wedding? Now is the chance to show your favorite local businesses some love!

9 can’t-miss deals on fall family activities (Black Island Farms and more!)

KSL Deals  |  Posted   Sep 15th - 3:00pm

Autumn has arrived, and we’ve got some spooky activities for the entire family — at spooky good prices.

5 reasons why robots in medicine shouldn’t scare you

Salt Lake Regional Medical Center  |  Posted   Sep 14th - 9:00pm

If you harbor fears of robots in medicine you are not alone. Learning to trust digital technology starts with empowering yourself with knowledge. Here are five reasons why robots in medicine, and the technology that drives them, shouldn’t scare you.

5 powerful ways to take your career to the next level (and beyond)

New York Code + Design Academy  |  Posted   Sep 14th - 3:00pm

Knowing what keeps you a competitive candidate for upleveling your career is important whether you want to move up in your current position or switch industries entirely. Here are five ways to help you can take your career to the next level.

7 ways to get kids excited to go back to school after a good weekend

Chuck-A-rama  |  Posted   Sep 14th - 8:00am

It's time for another school year, which for the kids can seem daunting. Here are some creative ideas to get them excited.

Concussions, sports and your child. Is it safe?

Dr. Sydney Piercey, Neurologist  |  Posted   Sep 13th - 9:00pm

Your brain is a soft organ that’s surrounded by fluid. This fluid cushions your brain from minor bumps and jolts. However, if a collision is powerful enough, it can cause your brain to slam against the inside of your skull, causing injury.

4 financial factors to consider when shopping for insurance

UFG Insurance  |  Posted   Sep 13th - 3:00pm

When shopping for insurance, do you ever consider the financial strength of an insurance company?

Utah homebuyer’s seek urban communities to settle down

Daybreak  |  Posted   Sep 13th - 8:00am

Locals and out-of-state job seekers have their own ideas about how they’d like to live—but the question is where. Market demand from Salt Lake City through the Silicon Slopes is on the rise. What’s a homebuyer to do?

9 successful Utah businesses that came from humble roots

Salt Lake Chamber  |  Posted   Sep 12th - 9:00pm

From your in-law's kitchen oven to a leased mechanic’s garage, great ideas often start from humble beginnings. Learn more about how several of Utah’s most successful businesses got their start.

Pelvic organ prolapse is common, but there's no reason to continue suffering

University Of Utah Health  |  Posted   Sep 12th - 3:00pm

It’s not the kind of thing you generally discuss in the company of others, and perhaps that is why so many women suffer from pelvic floor prolapse without knowing that there are treatment options available.

What can I do about a job I hate?

Eagle Gate College  |  Posted   Sep 12th - 8:00am

Stuck in a job you hate? Take a look at your current situation and think about different options to make your work-life more enjoyable.

5 Utah restaurants with unique names and how they got them

Chuck-A-rama  |  Posted   Sep 11th - 8:00am

Have you ever wondered where the name Chuck-A-Rama came from? Or a handful of other restaurants you eat at regularly?