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Parking ticket hotspots: When & where you’re most likely to get cited in Salt Lake

Mike Headrick, KSL TV and Sloan Schrage, KSL TV  |  Posted Sep 27th - 8:04am

Parking is big business in Salt Lake City and parking compliance officers have tucked almost $2 million worth of tickets under windshield wipers over the past year.

Salt Lake County DA on Lueck murder: 'It’s a priority case'

Brittany Glas, KSL TV  |  Posted Sep 13th - 10:30pm

Three months after disappearance and murder of Mackenzie Lueck, the case remains active and ongoing, according to Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill.

Roosevelt police investigated following sexting scandal missteps

Mike Headrick, KSL TV and Tania Dean, KSL TV  |  Posted Jul 30th - 8:06am

It’s been more than a year since a teen sexting scandal rocked the small Utah town of Roosevelt, but finally progress is being made following a KSL investigation.

KSL investigates Ayoola Ajayi’s changing immigration status, life in Utah

Cara MacDonald,  |  Posted Jul 11th - 10:15pm

Ayoola Ajayi, the man accused of killing 23-year-old University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck, has been confirmed as a legal resident of the United States by the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office.

KSL investigates costly mistakes causing St. George Regional Airport shutdown

Mike Headrick, KSL TV and Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted Jun 12th - 8:47am

The runway at St. George’s Regional Airport was built to last 20 years. But on May 28, construction equipment began chewing up that runway for a complete rebuild.

KSL Investigates: How often does the state pay out for pothole damage?

Mike Headrick, KSL TV and Tania Dean, KSL TV  |  Posted May 14th - 8:00am

Springtime in Utah brings a lot of things with it: Birds chirping, flowers blooming, and for those of us driving the roads each day, potholes. A lot of them.

KSL investigates why federal court-ordered payments to crime victims often go unfulfilled

Debbie Dujanovic and Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted Mar 15th - 9:00am

It took 40 years for rancher Paul McPherson to save up $900,000 by raising cattle and selling John Deere tractors. It took his tax and financial adviser four years to steal McPhersons’ lifetime of work — and court ordered restitution may never recover McPherson’s loss.

Most-likely spots in Utah for speeding tickets

Tania Dean, KSL TV and Mike Headrick, KSL TV  |  Posted Feb 26th - 8:02am

The KSL Investigators wanted to find out which agencies wrote the most speeding tickets. They also analyzed tens of thousands of speeding tickets to learn when you’re most likely to get one.

KSL Investigators uncover rise in unsafe vehicle tickets after end of mandatory safety inspections

Debbie Dujanovic and Mark Stevens, KSL TV  |  Posted Feb 22nd - 9:14am

During the first full year after Utah eliminated mandatory safety inspections for most passenger vehicles, court records show the number of citations issued to motorists for unsafe vehicles jumped 43 percent.

Duped at the dump? KSL investigates ‘recycling’ fee

Mike Headrick, KSL TV and Tania Dean, KSL TV  |  Posted Feb 8th - 8:27am

Many people are willing to pay extra to have something recycled. But what if that’s not happening?

KSL investigates: School took no action on sexting ring at Union High

Mike Headrick, KSL TV and Tania Dean, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 29th - 8:21am

For the past nine months, KSL has been investigating whether police, prosecutors and the school properly investigated and took appropriate action.

KSL Investigates: Government employee earns free flights on taxpayer funded credit card

Mark Stevens and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 25th - 8:00am

The Washington County Water Conservancy District charges hundreds of thousands of dollars on its district credit card. KSL looked at how credit card rewards were being used.

Former Ute coach files suit against dog hotel after death of family pet

Mike Headrick, KSL TV  |  Posted Jan 8th - 8:06am

You pay them to watch your pets, but if something goes wrong, who’s watching them? The KSL Investigators decided to ask.

KSL asks teens: ‘What are you really doing on social media?’

Tania Dean, KSL TV and Mike Headrick, KSL TV  |  Posted Nov 30th - 10:34am

Parents might think they know what their teenager is doing on social media, but do they really? The KSL Investigators surveyed hundreds of parents and teens to find out.

KSL Investigates: Was sexting ring at Union High School properly investigated?

Mike Headrick, KSL TV and Tania Dean, KSL TV  |  Posted Nov 20th - 7:48am

When months passed with no charges filed and zero repercussions, the KSL Investigators decided to find out why.

Officers 'don't trust' Salt Lake County DA, refuse to cooperate in shooting investigations

Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV, Mark Stevens, KSL TV and Emiley Dewey, KSL TV  |  Posted Nov 15th - 11:33am

A standoff of sorts is occurring in Salt Lake County, between District Attorney Sim Gill and the Utah State Fraternal Order of Police. In 18 officer-involved shooting cases this year, nine officers have refused to talk to the DA’s investigative team.

KSL Investigates: Are taxpayers getting soaked by water district salaries?

Mark Stevens and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted Nov 2nd - 8:43am

A little-known network of government agencies pay some of the highest salaries in the state. An analysis shows one-third of water district employees earn six-figure pay packages.

Homebuyers targeted by sophisticated, billion dollar hacking scheme

Mark Stevens and Debbie Dujanovic, KSL TV  |  Posted Oct 26th - 9:28am

A nationwide scam has cost its victims $12.5 billion over the last five years, and that dollar amount keeps climbing. One of the latest victims, a Utah Marine Corps veteran, contacted the KSL Investigators after he lost a $62,500 down payment to hackers this fall.

KSL Investigates: Denver motel task force could be model for Salt Lake City

Tania Dean, KSL TV and Mike Headrick, KSL TV  |  Posted Oct 23rd - 9:43am

An area of Salt Lake has more than its fair share of crime. The community wants it cleaned up, but the city’s hands seem to be tied. So the KSL Investigators went out of state in search of a potential solution.