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The most downloaded iOS apps of 2017

Kaya Yurieff, CNN  |  Posted   Dec 8th - 4:45pm

If the year's most popular apps are any indication, 2017 was all about showing off the best versions of ourselves.

Bitcoin plunges more than $3,000 after hitting new record

Jethro Mullen, CNN  |  Posted   Dec 8th - 11:46am

Bitcoin has given investors whiplash yet again.

Net neutrality protests break out at Verizon stores in Utah and nationwide

Liesl Nielsen,  |  Posted   Dec 7th - 3:51pm

If you’ve been online at any point in the last few months or so, you’ve likely heard or seen something about net neutrality.

Bitcoin tops $17,000; hack raises concerns ahead of US trade

Elaine Kurtenbach, Associated Press  |  Posted   Dec 7th - 12:33pm

Bitcoin surged past $17,000 Thursday as the frenzy surrounding the virtual currency escalated just days before it starts trading on major U.S. exchanges. Bitcoin has gained more than $5,000 in just the past two days.

Birth control still linked to increased risk of breast cancer

Meera Senthilingam, CNN  |  Posted   Dec 7th - 10:02am

Birth control can increase a woman's risk of breast cancer by up to 38%, depending on how long she has taken it, a new study finds.

Amateur Utah astronomer discovers 2nd supernova in 6 months

Carter Williams,  |  Posted   Dec 5th - 7:01pm

It took Patrick Wiggins nearly 500 days of searching the universe to discover his first supernova in 2014. His latest discovery was his second of 2017.

Google aims to have 10K reviewers by 2018 to clean up YouTube

Rishi Iyengar, CNN  |  Posted   Dec 5th - 2:28pm

Google is going on a hiring spree to try to stamp out offensive videos and comments on YouTube.

Lamborghini joins the boom in supercar SUVs

Colleen Barry, Associated Press  |  Posted   Dec 5th - 11:33am

Supercar makers have long known that parked next to that snarling Lamborghini, a racing-red Ferrari, or stately Bentley at some of the globe's toniest addresses is a practical SUV. With the sport utility vehicle market growing by leaps and bounds, they increasingly want in on the profits.

Facebook unveils Messenger Kids app

Kaya Yurieff, CNN  |  Posted   Dec 4th - 11:46am

Facebook is eyeing a whole new demographic: kids.

The 2017 supermoon: How to see it and get the best photo

Alaa Elassar, CNN  |  Posted   Dec 3rd - 5:04pm

On Sunday, stargazers, astronomers and curious sky-watchers will get a chance to witness the first and only full moon supermoon of 2017.

Tesla builds world' biggest battery in Australian Outback

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Dec 2nd - 10:57pm

The world's biggest lithium-ion battery has plugged into an Australian state grid, an official said Friday, easily delivering on Tesla Inc. chief executive Elon Musk's 100-day guarantee.

Glitch forces iPhones to reboot over and over

Andrew Greiner, CNN  |  Posted   Dec 2nd - 6:03pm

Apple iPhones were rebooting themselves over and over Saturday morning.

Smartphone addiction could be changing your brain

Sandee Lamotte, CNN  |  Posted   Dec 1st - 8:37pm

You may be one of the growing number of Americans (or global citizens) who has a bit of nomophobia.

BYU researchers uncover genetic link that could protect against Alzheimer’s disease

Sam Penrod  |  Posted   Nov 29th - 8:03pm

Researchers at Brigham Young University have made a discovery they say brings them a step closer to being able to one day treat — and hopefully prevent — Alzheimer’s disease.

Australia's Great Barrier Reef receives fertility treatment

Susannah Cullinane, CNN  |  Posted   Nov 28th - 12:16pm

Australian scientists are optimistic that a fertility treatment for coral could help regenerate the Great Barrier Reef.

Next stop $10,000? Bitcoin's incredible surge hits new heights

Daniel Shane, CNN  |  Posted   Nov 27th - 11:46am

The great bitcoin boom of 2017 is hitting new heights.

Tech firms scrounging for skilled workers training their own

Emery P. Dalesio, Associated Press  |  Posted   Nov 25th - 3:32pm

Some information technology companies are growing so concerned about not find enough digital talent that they're training their own.

Does cellphone-sweeping 'StingRay' technology go too far?

Colleen Long, Associated Press  |  Posted   Nov 25th - 1:08pm

New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas are among scores of police departments across the country quietly using a highly secretive technology developed for the military that can track the whereabouts of suspects by using the signals constantly emitted by their cellphones.

Jeff Bezos is now worth $100 billion

Chris Isidore, CNN  |  Posted   Nov 24th - 1:03pm

If you're one of the millions shopping on Amazon on Black Friday, congratulations: You helped make Jeff Bezos a $100 billion man.

Facebook opens 2nd office combating hate speech in Germany

The Associated Press  |  Posted   Nov 23rd - 11:31am

Facebook is adding 500 more contractors in Germany to review content posted to the social media site, after a new law came into force targeting online hate speech.